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To all of my 0.00 watchers,

Thank you for your enduring loyalty and enthusiasm. I really appreciate it.

But seriously, I'm actually going to start uploading some drafts! Really, really rough drafts. Please comment and tell me how amazazing they are! If you absolutely must be honest just don't use vulgar language, it offends the overlords.

SO ...

For starters I've uploaded my three most recent drafts:

Descent - 1.1The control room was eerily silent. With less than an hour to touch down and not a single complication since launch there was a general feeling of apprehension in the room and the intermittent radio communications with the capsule above only added to the tension. 
The mission these men had undertaken just one year prior was of fantastic ambition; to land a human being on the moon. Their rivals across the atlantic would surely be sending a team of their own, possibly even this same week. The stakes couldn't be higher; success meant glory, a place in history, international respect; failure would shame would mean for generations. For this reason the mission had been subject to utmost secrecy. The only souls outside this room with any real knowledge of the mission were the spouses of those in space; the teams chosen to work on the project were few in number and picked more for their loyalty than their ability. Only after a sure success would the world learn of the mission.
With just t

is the still-in-progress first chapter of a dark SF adventure story involving evil, slightly lesser evil, portal fiction, and SPACE!

- 1981 -
Tess climbs out of an old Ford pickup which has stopped at the end of a dirt road.
The driver calls to her from the cab: “You’d better be careful, darlin’, something’s got ’em all worked up on the radio.”
Tess waves as the pickup drives away then turns and starts down the road.
The road ends at a large farm house nestled in a small wooded area. In front of the house a motherly-looking woman is tending to an herb garden. When she sees Tess she stands and spreads her arms wide.
“Tess, dear! It’s so good to see you! You’d better head inside, your brothers are going to want to see you.”
She wraps Tess in her arms and Tess squeezes back.
Tess makes her way inside to find a boy at the kitchen table fiddling with the knobs of an ancient CB radio. An elderly man’s voice crackles from its speaker. The boy looks surprised to see her.
“Tess! What are you doing here?! Haven’t you heard the radio!?”
A v

Tess (working title) is actually a prologue to a comic book I'm working on. It takes place about fifteen years prior to the main story arc and itt began as an exercise but I like how it's turned out so I will finish it.

NashJames Nash is a bad person; a criminal, a miscreant, he's generally just no-good. He lies, cheats, and steals to get what he wants or feels he deserves. He never invests in people, doesn't trust anyone, and will always take advantage of kindness. Drugs, booze, women, all he cares about is getting his...
Through the dust kicked up by his motorcycle and the wind of the plains Nash spots the air strip in the distance. All the trouble for one little suitcase seems worth it now and he can finally breath a sigh of relief as he hears a plane's engine rumble to life. It looks as though he just might make it after all. He feels his muscles relax, then;
'AH! What the hell?! Oh god, I've been shot! Must have been...that...bastar...'
He slumps forward, losing grip on the throttle, looks down at the blood.
'No! I...make the plane...I...'
The bike coasts to a stop. He sits there for a moment, confusion and panic distracting him from the pain in his gut. Gently like a falling oak, then

Nash (barely-working title) is another experiment in character development and plot structure. As the story progresses, supernatural overtones mixed with cutting realism and macabre humor will (hopefully) make for an interesting read.

There are some really great artists that I'd like to commission for some visuals so hopefully there will be something to look at soon!

In closing, thank you to my many future watchers who I'm sure will be very devout followers of my bumbling, stumbling, and rambling.



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Huge thank you to all the fantastic artists here on dA and elsewhere, I am inspired every day by your creativity and imagination!

I have much to learn in my own field of words but I love quality SF and that's where I'm focusing right now. Specifically pulpy-horror-adventure-SF and though I draft in novel format, I have started working on comic book scripting (my favorite medium!).


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